Friday, October 13, 2017

Plain Folk will get our 2017-2018 season underway with a few tunes from Isabelle Delage with Mick Perreaux and Val Teodori adding a bit of instrumental accompaniment. Isabelle will give you a taste of some of the new tunes from her upcoming album Songs from My Little Couch. 

Les Ismore began learning music at a young age, singing and taking piano lessons. When he received an electric guitar and amp from his father, along with an acoustic guitar, he quickly abandoned classical piano in favour of folk and rock music. He later formed bands playing different genres including punk, new wave, grunge and metal, and toured all across Canada for four years playing originals and covers. A prolific writer in the folk and classic/alt rock genres, he has several hundred tunes to his name. Visit for more info.

Benjamin and Mia Hackett are Azalea, a husband-and-wife duo from Hamilton, Ontario. Their music consists of love songs in two-part harmony and “Gypsy-Americana”, which borrows from North American and Eastern European folk traditions. The way Benjamin and Mia’s voices blend together in song conjures an imagined romance, much like their own. And live, their chemistry is undeniably adorable. Azalea’s “cute factor” has become a distinguishing feature that permeates their live performances and echoes from their lyrics and musical arrangements. With two haunting voices supported by guitar, piano, and their trademark “suitcase-kick-drum,” Azalea creates a breathtaking concert experience. A must-see for fans of The Civil Wars and the film Once. Visit