Friday, November 9, 2017

Æternal marks 21 years of ministry in 2018. Over the years members have come and gone, but the message of unity through spirituality has remained the same, delivered through a blend of guitar, harmonica, percussion and a harmony of voices that has been likened to The Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul & Mary and The Eagles. But Æternal, which is made up of Daniel Garvin, Mike Amelotte, Paul Despault, Dieter Fernworn and their newest member, Lianne Brown, cannot be pigeonholed: they own their own sound. They continue to write new material and look forward to sharing their latest creations with all who wish to give a listen! For more, visit


Dom Bourgeoys
Curious and sensitive in our changing world, free-thinking musician Dominique Bourgeoys has developed a musical universe rooted in folk and influenced by world music and R&B. His current project Dom*Be* offers a collage of new reflections on emancipation in a fun and enlightening experience on the heart of the matter. Over 20 years he has acquired a compelling stage experience, sharing his musical vision with the community, performing for social events and contributing to the Montreal area scene.  Visit   


My Father's Son, an indie folk group with roots in London, ON and Montreal, QC, melds together intricate lyrics with the richness of simplified, acoustic sound. Singer-songwriter Mark Kulmala is joined by Paul Meadows (Uisca Beatha, The Beauties) on the recording of their first full length album Heart of Wood. The themes of fleeting innocence, love lost and found, determination, and the simple beauty of the landscape are sure to resonate with listeners. The duo, an amalgamation of experiences both personal and musical, poetically creating emotionally complex, yet subdued, reflective songs. An air of storytelling colours the music with sentimental and relatable verses that immerse the audience in the beauty of shared experiences.