Friday, March 9, 2018

On this special evening, Side Door co-host
Isabelle Delage will be launching her second album, titled Songs from My Little Couch.


To open the show, Isabelle has invited Sam Moss, a musician friend from Morrisburg, where she now makes her home, to play a few tunes. Sam grew up in Eastern Ontario in a musical family and was singing in a church choir before he could read, and singing solos in Kinsmen music festivals as a young boy. He rediscovered the joy of singing as an adult, dusting off his guitar and taking voice lessons. Sam is a member of the crew that puts on the Tilted Steeple Coffee House, a monthly event very similar to the Side Door which Isabelle got going a few years ago in Morrisburg as a fundraising vehicle for a local Syrian refugee sponsorship project.


Not long after the release of her first album, The Inundation, in 2006, Isabelle and her husband Léo moved from the West Island to the city to facilitate the commute for their college and university-aged children. Suddenly, Isabelle found herself without a space conducive to songwriting. Explains Isabelle, “I had always written my songs sitting on a couch, with instruments, notes and lyrics strewn all around me. Suddenly the only space where I could have some peace in our bustling household was this tiny room, and my search for a couch that would fit in that space was fruitless. As a result, the well of inspiration ran dry. Well, that’s my excuse, anyway. But I was out shopping one day and happened upon a little couch that was the perfect fit!”


The first thing Isabelle did when the new couch arrived was to sit down and write her “Ode to a Couch,” thus beginning the journey to her aptly named second album, Songs from My Little Couch. This sophomore album picks up where the first one left off, with songs inspired by Isabelle’s continuing voyage through life, drawing on love, loss, family ties and friendship. “I’ve included a few covers on this album, songs I love and have been performing for years, and only wish I could have written,” adds Isabelle.


The album was recorded in Mick Perreaux’s home studio, mainly over a five-year span but with some tracks captured as far back as 2007. “Moving to Ontario in 2014 certainly didn’t make it easier to get this album completed, but there was no deadline – we just continued to work on it until it was done.” Plain Folk bandmates Mick Perreaux, Val Teodori and Leigh Redding provide backup instrumentation and vocals on the album. One cover from Australian singer-songwriter Fred Smith, titled “Four Strong Hands” is a haunting duet with guest artist Jim Collette (Jim’s part will be performed by Sam Moss at the launch concert). The final song on the album, titled “Rise Above,” inspired by the trials and tribulations of a friend, is a kind of anthem song about overcoming adversity and features a chorus of members of the Seaway Valley Singers, an Eastern Ontario community choir which Isabelle joined when she moved to Morrisburg. Several of these participants will be travelling to the Side Door on March 9 to provide backup vocals for the launch concert.


We hope to see you there!


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