Friday, February 8, 2019

Steamboat Woody is the story of a Frenchman who fell in love with the banjo in a weird way. After learning it in New York and in Northern California, he’s been playing shows and busking in France, from the streets of Brittany to the Parisian subway. He mixes traditional old-time styles with modern influences, ranging from folk to punk rock, creating energetic and passionate music. You may find a little bit of Grandpa Jones or Possessed by Paul James in his music, but you’ll mainly discover songs written with heart and played with guts.



Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Mike Biggar will not be able to perform as scheduled on Feb 8. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. Please accept our our apologies .

However, our "house band", Plain Folk, will be there to round out the evening with a few favourite tunes as well as some Valentines Day singalongs to get you into the spirit of that upcoming special day!


With an intense, roiling live performance, signature soaring vocals and warm onstage humour, soulful NB roots artist Mike Biggar is a definitive natural performer. Add to this his gutsy, bluesy delivery, reflective of childhood gospel music root, and underline it all with infectious melodies, soul-baring lyrics, and a compelling conviction, and it becomes clear why Biggar is described as a unique breed of singer-songwriter. And the deep imprint he leaves on listeners confirms why his music is marked by acclaim and awards, most recently the 2018 East Coast Music Award for Blues Album of the Year. More at


The Durham County Poets

Fronted by Kevin Harvey on lead vocals, The Durham County Poets delve into a variety of styles and genres. Influenced by a broad range of artists from The Band to Dire Straits, Leon Redbone to James Taylor and Neil Young, they have managed to put it all together to create their own musical style. Featuring David Whyte on electric and acoustic guitars and vocals, Neil Elsmore on acoustic guitar and vocals, Carl Rufh on double bass and vocals, and Rob Couture on drums and percussion, the band mixes an eclectic blend of blues, folk and rock, with tinges of country, gospel and swing tossed in for good measure. Amid a very busy touring schedule across Quebec, Ontario and the northeastern United States following the release this past April of their latest album, Grimshaw Road, we are delighted that the ‘Poets’ are making time for a return visit to the Side Door! For more info visit