Friday, April 13, 2018

Defying genre classification, the independent and committed singer-songwriter duo Antidote has taken contemporary folk and spiced it up with character and flavourful global rhythms. An unconventional and intriguing musical tapestry is woven by the use of traditional instruments played in daring ways. Tender vocals and bold, vigorous strings by Pauline Tidbury are complemented by a masterful and exotic accompaniment from Daniel St-Jean on diverse instruments (dulcimer, dulcitar, guitar) and vocals. Performing original material from their albums, they invite you to transcend the boundaries of the conventional. Visit for more info.

Hailing from Cornwall, Llawnroc (Cornwall backwards!) is a trio made up of Cam, Jill and Virginia, who recently joined up to sing and play covers, write some songs and have a good time. Founder Virginia Dipierro is no stranger to the Side Door audience, having played many times in the past with different formations. Starting to play in Eastern Ontario, Llawnroc is finding an audience and looking forward to some more shows and fun times ahead. We are very happy to welcome them for their first appearance at the Side Door!

Noah Zacharin is an acclaimed full-time singer/songwriter/guitarist with 7 CD’s of original music, numerous collaborations and some 50 appearances as guitarist (acoustic and electric) and vocalist on other folks’ recordings across North America. “Virtuoso guitarist,” “vocals know no stylistic boundaries,” “great performer,” “Picasso of the music world…mastery of wide variety of styles, this award-winning poet and translator with hundreds of pieces published internationally will have CD #8 ready for release in early 2018. Aside from playing guitar and writing, Zacharin loves observing his cat, practicing tai chi, walking, and listening to birds and wind. More at